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The history of Bert Schoo and his AC Event

On 4 December 1949 I was born in the Beemster on an agriculture company. My father was a progressive farmer and saw already rapidly that Allis-Chalmers motor tractors had something more to offer than others of its time. In 1949 he bought one of the first WD s with the so-called Dual suspension (wheels dense at each other). This tractor has made a lasting impression on me.  The sound was very recognizable. You could hear the specific sound of the exhaust pipe when my father was approaching the house. Especially at night, the exhaust gave of a red glow of heat. Even the flames were clearly visible. As small as I was, I made it to the seat of the tractor; changing gear was not possible yet.  Somebody had to do that for me.
In 1958, my father bought a used American “B” and short while after that I drove with him from farm to farm on a model 60 Combine.  My father did not trust the later British models. He changed brand, and the “WD” was placed in a corner eating dust. The “B” model had to be replaced to (all things have an end).  But the love and the memories for  AC never size to exist. I bought my first own “WD45” In 1974, my own Allis-Chalmers tractor.  I had it refitted with an LPG installation and the tractor was now fully operational.
In 1979 I have been to America with my family to see the AC Factory in Milwaukee. What I have seen there made an ever lasting impression on me.  Then I decided that I wanted to collect everything around AC.  But this hobby has grown out of proportions.  And now days there is a large group of AC admirers that visit my farm every five years. Known as the AC Event Beemster Holland. 2011 ©