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The Allis-Chalmers event

This Allis-Chalmers event what is being organized ones every five years, is an informative day. Especially for he who has just started with Allis-Chalmers. Much experienced people can tell you concerning their passion. And maybe if yourself an expert, you can share your knowledge with us. People come from everywhere. So we meet people from Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and even from people from the states.
Exchanging experiences, technical details, parts.. Enjoy the particular sound of a running AC engine. You name it and we have it. Simply a fun day where tractors can do their job on the land behind my farm. Do you have parts you want to sell? Take them with you. Maybe there is somebody searching for it.

On this day food and drink abundantly present. The barbeque in the evening is world famous. There is place for people who want to sleep over to carry on the next day. You will need to provide your own tent or caravan as we do not have guest quarters. The nearest hotel is about 10 minute drive.

PS. The bar stays open till midnight 2011 ©