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D 14

In the fifties there changed alot at the european tractor market. they changed from gasoline to diesel and the three point tilt mechanism became standard and is stil standar at this moment.

The quality of the european tractors became better and relaible, but most important was the cost price. For most farmers the lower price was the reason they shifted to european brands. The glorie days of the the AC which started directly after the 2nd World War ad become to an end.

In 1957 A-C began with the new line, the D series. The D14 was the first model, who looked a lot like the englisch ED40. This wasn't strange becaust the D14 stood model for the ED40.  This succeeder of the WD or WD45 with his 35HP was a good to use model. A English mode of this model of this tractor would me attractive because of its lower producions costs.  Only three D14’s where imported to the netherlands by Louis Reyners. The first model was sold in 1958 by AC dealer from Apeldoorn to mr. Roekel from Deelen the other two stood model in the A-C factory Essendine Engeland. Both D14’s were completely dismantled in this factory. When the first ED40 started to roll of from the production line the D14 became useless and where assembled. Lois Reyners bought those tractors in 1961 and were sold to mr. van der Stelt Wijkermeer near by Beverwijk andthe other one somewhere around Groningen.

A D14 and a FD3 both equiped with a weeder (1965)

Picture above D14 van van der Stelt ans in the right a FD5

The new "D" looked completly different compared to the "W" series, but there where no mayor technical changements made. Only the Power Director Clutch wasa improved. The D14 was the last american AC tractor Louis Reyners imported to the netherlands. only 3 pcs.

Mr. H.van Roekel from Deelen on the first imported D14 with original 12 inch, three blade plow. In 1958 this tractor costs fl.11.500,- and the plow costed fl.1.400,-.

"Power Director Clutch"

The Power Director clutch was added to the tractor to give 2 more speeds to all gears, and the possebility to switch off the drive train without cutting the hydrolic pump. With the lever in the front position the highest gear is selected. in the back postion the lower gear is selected. The the middle position the drivetrrain was cut off. This lever can be adjusted without having to stop the tractor..


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