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Allis-Chalmers model "CA" (1950 - 1957) Imported to Holland: 120

The CA was a more luxurious model of the B, but with clear visible design and stronger engine. Most noticeble was the steering connection which was not mounted under the tracktor but from the side next to the enineto the front of the grill. Becouse of this construction the CA could be equiped with a lot af different frontgear, and gave the possebility to mount equipment below the tracktor

The tilt meachanism was much sturdier. the pump was almost the same as from the WD. The backwheels were easy to adjust to a wider wheel base. But the CA wan't that popular compaired to the B. This was mainly because of the high pricetag. 


Building a Allis-Chalmers CA

To keep the price as low as possible the tracktors where assembled at the AC dealers and the importer Louis Reyners. All pieces came in crates becouse they where easyer and cheaper to ship.

WHen you have assembled 10 CA's, you know how a tracktor looks.

Within a few day the tracktors where finished to go to their new owners.

With proud the employees from Blok, MIjnsheerenland presented the own build CA. 2nd from left is mr. Blok senior.



CA specification:



CA during work.



Above CA with farm loader 2011 ©